About Us

Amaze Media is one of the best Media & Entertainment Services companies in India.

Main Services

Our core expertise is in Digital Film Restoration of film and non-film content.

We also have good experience in other media services including : Color Grading, Bluray / DVD / VCD Authoring,

2K/4K DPX to HD File Conversion, 5.1 Audio Mastering, Audio Restoration, SD to HD & 2K to 4K-UHD Upscaling,

Subtitling, Creative Editing, etc.


  • Diamant Film Restoration technology coupled with best process methodologies
  • Capability to handle SD , HD, 2K, 4K content
  • DaVinci Resolve system for Color Grading / D.I.
  • Digital Audio workstation for audio sync, Mastering, Dolby E encoding, etc
  • NLE suites for Creative Editing
  • High Capacity secured Storage
  • Client Data Security & confidentiality

Team proficiency

All the associates of our team have appreciable knowledge and experience in restoration and other media content processing.

They come with hands on experience in various domestic and international projects in the domain.

Why Us

Team work, dedication, getting into every detail of the process workflow, faster turnaround, never compromise on output quality,

Flexible Price packages, value for money.