Media & Entertainment Services Company

Amaze Media is a Media & Entertainment Services company founded in 2015, which caters to all the market segments who need the support of the following video and audio services

Digital Film Restoration

Amaze Media uses industry best DIAMANT film restoration technology coupled with best process methodologies to give an ultra pristine quality to the old classic movies.

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Color Grading Services

We have a panel of excellent colorists who work on our Color Grading system namely DaVinci Resolve. Restoration projects undergo the final Color grading process to gain a fresh look.

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Subtitling Services

Amaze Media has panel of talented translators to meet the subtitling requirements of OTT platforms, Televisions, Theaters, etc. We can handle English subtitling of the Indian languages.

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Audio Processing Services

Audio Restoration, Digitization of yesteryear recording formats like LP, EP, 78rpm records, Spool tapes (multi tracks), ADAT, Hi-8 Audio Cassettes, Audio mastering – 5.1 audio sync.

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